Saturday, October 29, 2011

WIPs and More!

Happy Saturday dear readers!

Just got back from going to the pumpkin patch with hubby and my little boy! We picked the cutest punkin in the patch! He went in his punkin outfit and we got him his own little punkin--I will have to share photos!

As Halloween is beginning to wrap up, I am working on more turkeys and am well on my way on Christmas goodies. I have 2 different Santa head ornaments already started and more on the cutting table. I have promised my husband that I WILL finish Halloween and Thanksgiving before I get any farther on my Christmas items--so gotta get them turkeys done!! LOL So, with a little help and a bit of luck, I will be able to start on Christmas come Monday. Then, it will be all Christmas, all the time! We are finally having a nice cold snap in the air and have had frosty roofs the past week or so. It is supposed to be nice this weekend and then a big cold snap and rain! I am contemplating a BIG pot of Pumpkin and Sausage soup and biscuits for dinner here this coming week. Just the thought of it makes me warmer!

I have a small question to ask--I have changed up the colors and font of my blog to make it more in line with my Primitive theme and I am just curious what you think! Is it easier to read then the tiny type that was? ( I actually found on Blogger where to change up text and header colors and the like). Do you like the font? Let me know what you think! I have also started a selling blog as well, so expect to hear more about that as time goes on! Thought I would jump in with both feet and give everyone a third option of where to find my goodies on line. This was actually brought on by my Mother in Law who said that she couldn't leave feedback on Artfire with out joining and I thought why not just go ahead and try a selling blog as well? Since with a selling blog, you don't need to join a site (other than perhaps Google or Yahoo maybe--or PayPal) and you could purchase directly from me! Any thoughts on that score? OK... I will post this now, but I will be back with pictures soon of the pumpkin patch and my WIPS!!

Be safe and Happy Crafting!!