Saturday, October 1, 2011

WIP Weekend 10/1-10/2

Happy Weekend dear readers!

I can't believe that September is gone and soon it will be Halloween! Pumpkins, bats, cats and witches hats will be the rule of the day! I have had a couple very productive days and I am excited to share with you what I have put together and that will be up on Etsy  and Art Fire this weekend for you to enjoy! I have made several tiny cats, that I think would be perfect scattered around in a bowl, guarding your candy dish or maybe even in a display with tiny candy corns--which I also have! Another offering I have been working on is a collection fo different size/style candy corns, from not much over 2 inches, to over 7! And even a fat one--I thought those would be fun to decorate with and to scatter around for different effects. I have finished up some pillows and even a Halloween candle mat--my first--and I really am happy with how it turned out, so look for others to appear as time goes on. I also have some punkins to add as well! 1 set is just of small stuffed pumpkins and the other is one with a silly stitched on face, made from one of Deb's patterns over at  Paxton Valley Folk Art   I love her patterns! I have made Whootie Who from Deb's Who's Who pattern, Frost on the Punkin, and I am working on a snowman and there are a couple more that I want to pick up!

Some items in the wings that I am going to start this weekend, and since this IS a WIP post I can tell you about them, right?? I have some Turkeys for Thanksgiving, Santas of various sizes/styles, Mamma Dolls--I was soooo thrilled with how my Scare-die Cats came out I want to try the Mamma dolls to go with my Raggedy dolls, several ornaments, snowmen, angels OH MY!! Look for them to come in the next few weeks!! OH YES and to toot my own horn, I had my KandyKorn and Old Bats as well as my Primitive Leaves purchased in less than 24 hours from my Etsy store. THAT made me very happy! That was a happy dance for sure!!

And before I break out the pictures to show you what I have worked on this week, a little bit of on the homefront news! My little man has started cutting his first teeth! They came thru last night...he had been chewing on everything he could get his hands on, and he grabbed one of my fingers and shoved the knuckle into my mouth and I felt the tops of his little teeth poking through! Sooo neat! My little man isn't such a little man anymore! And so far, apples are his favorite food--we are making his food and I am really looking forward to meals and combining flavors--he has had sweet potatoes and did really well with them, so I am thinking about mixing some apples and sweet potatoes for dinner tonight.

Ok... On to pictures!

The little pumpkin pillow here on the bottom is pre-tea dying, and the fall pillow is after dying. The pumpkin is about that dark. The punkin just needs its stem and leaves and then it is good to go, and the candle mat just needs a place to sit--perhaps you know of a spot??

Well that is all for this post--with more to come! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am up to! Be safe and happy crafting!!