Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter is on its way!

Today, 3 large bunnies complete with carrots are hop, hop, hopping into my Etsy store! They are sooo excited to come see you! Bunnri Etta is just about 14 inches tall, with button eyes and embroidered features. She has 3 different dresses with aprons to match and loons and she would love to show you, and she might even add more, because she just can't make up her mind!

One dress is dark navy blue with bouncing bunnies all over it, with a light blue and cream ticking apron. Her next choice is a pink dress with a pink and cream striped apron, with dark pink roses, and her third dress is a creamy yellow linen dress with flowering vines. The apron with this dress is a green floral stripe on a cream background. She even has another dress that is a pale green with chicks on it and she may just show up in that one as well! Can you help her choose?

Also joining Bunnri Etta is a darling blond doll named Anna. She has blond hair and she is dressed in a light blue floral dress with a darker blue ruffle and a yellow apron--she looks like she just arrived from Scandinavia! Actually, she was inspired by my watching the cross country skiing during the Olympics. She is just as cute as the dickens, and she is just about 12 inches tall.Anna's features are drawn with archival inks and sports a painted nose! Each strand of her blond hair is knotted on by hand.

A couple other dolls that are also joining in the fun are Suz-Anna and Jeenie-Ann. Both of these girls have wool felt noses, stitched on with black cotton thread and button eyes. Each strand of their hair is hand tied and knotted. Suz-Anna is dressed in a sunflower dress with a yellow pinafore and has hand painted striped socks and black shoes! Jeenie-Ann is dressed in a blue and peach floral dress with a peach pinafore. She has hand painted striped socks as black shoes as well, complete with ties!

To round out this spring gathering, is Itty-Bitty Bunny. She is just about 7.5 inches tall (ears not included) with facial features drawn on with archival inks and painted. She is dressed in a light yellow floral dress with a peach print apron. She is just the sweetest thing to tuck into a basket or sit on a shelf or peek from a cupboard.

Visit my Etsy store to see these sweet girls!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy dance!

I had finished up 4 little annies yesterday, and in 5 minutes after I listed the first one on my Etsy site, she was gone! That was little Springtime Annie! Wow!! Then, after I had posted the other 3, the person who purchased Springtime Annie convo'ed me to see if she could also purchase Irish Annie! So that was a very happy dance moment, to say the least. We have had several nice convos back and forth, and they are getting their suitcases packed and getting ready to move to their new home in Tennessee.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saint Patty's Day

Saint Patty's day is just around the corner, and the shamrocks have sprung into bloom at Buttons in the Attic! I have 4 different ones to choose from--one that is made of green and cream ticking that has a vintage 80's accent piece in the center and then I did 3 conversation shamrocks--right along the lines of the conversation hearts I did for Valentine's day. I am really happy how they turned out and tomorrow I should have a number of Raggedy Ann's to add to the site, as well as one Raggedy Anna who has dropped by for a visit from Sweden! She is dressed in a light blue dress that sports a dark blue ruffle with a yellow and blue print apron. I created Anna while I watched the cross country skiing during the Olympics last month, and I KNOW she would just love to come and stay at your house and spread some international cheer!

Easter is getting ready to hop around the corner, and I have several treats to share--patchwork eggs, bunnies of different shapes and sizes and more dollies! Be sure to check back and see what I create next!