Saturday, October 29, 2011

WIPs and More!

Happy Saturday dear readers!

Just got back from going to the pumpkin patch with hubby and my little boy! We picked the cutest punkin in the patch! He went in his punkin outfit and we got him his own little punkin--I will have to share photos!

As Halloween is beginning to wrap up, I am working on more turkeys and am well on my way on Christmas goodies. I have 2 different Santa head ornaments already started and more on the cutting table. I have promised my husband that I WILL finish Halloween and Thanksgiving before I get any farther on my Christmas items--so gotta get them turkeys done!! LOL So, with a little help and a bit of luck, I will be able to start on Christmas come Monday. Then, it will be all Christmas, all the time! We are finally having a nice cold snap in the air and have had frosty roofs the past week or so. It is supposed to be nice this weekend and then a big cold snap and rain! I am contemplating a BIG pot of Pumpkin and Sausage soup and biscuits for dinner here this coming week. Just the thought of it makes me warmer!

I have a small question to ask--I have changed up the colors and font of my blog to make it more in line with my Primitive theme and I am just curious what you think! Is it easier to read then the tiny type that was? ( I actually found on Blogger where to change up text and header colors and the like). Do you like the font? Let me know what you think! I have also started a selling blog as well, so expect to hear more about that as time goes on! Thought I would jump in with both feet and give everyone a third option of where to find my goodies on line. This was actually brought on by my Mother in Law who said that she couldn't leave feedback on Artfire with out joining and I thought why not just go ahead and try a selling blog as well? Since with a selling blog, you don't need to join a site (other than perhaps Google or Yahoo maybe--or PayPal) and you could purchase directly from me! Any thoughts on that score? OK... I will post this now, but I will be back with pictures soon of the pumpkin patch and my WIPS!!

Be safe and Happy Crafting!!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday 10/19/11

Hello my dear readers!

Well, here we are, Halloween a few days away with Thanksgiving coming quickly after, and Christmas far quicker than I want it too! I have been busy working on my Thanksgiving items, with my first one ready to share with you today. Here is Tommy Turkey and his Punkin! He is sooo cute and I am really, really happy with how he turned out! I have made him from vintage polished cotton from my mom's fabric stash, so I am guessing that the print is from the late 70's/early 80's--since that is about the time my mom stopped sewing. His tail is made from homespun that I bought earlier this year and his punkin is made from quilt quality cottons, bought from a local quilting store.The punkin is finished off with a felted wool leaf, a stem made from a twig I found in my yard and a rusty wire vine. Tommy also sports a felted wool wattle! Well, with no further ado--here he is in various stages along with his finished shot! He is getting ready for his pro shots for Etsy and then he will be up and ready to be shared with everyone!

Tommy Turkey is made from a pattern by Crafts by Jody -- be sure to check out her blog! She has lots of fun things over there and she is in a online Holiday Fair November 11th, 12the and 13th. Stop by and say hi and get an early start on your holiday shopping!

So... here is Tommy, all put together, but no finishing touches... well he is put together, but he doesn't have his tail feathers, features or punkin yet!
Here is a close up on his beak. I decided that his beak was a little big for him, so I trimmed it down just a smidge. Next, Tommy is all finished. The next picture of him he is displayed with a punkin... but not his proper punkin! This punkin is one of my trio of punkins that hasn't been painted yet, but I wanted to see what he would look like!

Here he is with his proper punkin...but I thought he needed to be holding it instead of just having it sitting in front of him! And one final close up of Tommy Turkey showing you his oh so proper Punkin!

Thank you so much for coming and visiting and most especially for seeing Tommy! He will be making his journey over to Etsy here in a short bit in case you would like to have Tommy come visit for Thanksgiving! He is quite polite and will be sure to bring plenty of holiday cheer and punkin pies to share!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Checkin In!

Ahhh! Feels so good to have all my Halloween items up in my stores! Now, on to Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yesterday, I was prepping so I can start cutting out new items today and possibly start sewing??  I have turkeys and snow men and santas and more angels and maybe a penguin or 2 in the works and I am sooo excited to see how they turn out! I just love this season! We had our first snow in the mountains over the past couple days and it makes me want to break out White Christmas and start making hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols while I work. If I could have my way, and if my kids and hubby didn't think I had gone completely crazy, I would break out the tree and start decorating it now! It is never tooooo early for Christmas--am I right, or am I right??

I want to say welcome!! To my new blog members and I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a giveaway in the works! Check back and I will keep everyone posted! I hope everyone checks out Paula's giveaway that I posted earlier--that table topper is BEAUTIFUL!! And would be a beautiful addition to your home!

Talking about santas--I have a variety of sizes in the works--from ornaments for your tree, to one that is about 30 inches tall! And it is beautiful! I am so excited to get started--he is going to be just beautiful! And I have some stumpy Santas, tomte or nissas depending on if you are Swede or Norse! I will post pictures as time goes on! The snowmen are from ornie size to tuck in and around your home to ones giving ice skating lessons!

Well, I guess I should go get at it! Pour another cup of coffee and go answer my pattterns' siren call! Take care my friends and happy crafting!!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paula's Primitives: Help me Hit 100 followers Giveaway!

Paula's Primitives: Help me Hit 100 followers Giveaway!: When I hit 100 followers I will give away this original wool applique table centerpiece mat! Only rule be a follower of my blog. Invite a ...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Etsy and Artfire preview!

KK I know these goodies will be up soon, but I am just so excited about how everything came out that I have to do a preview blog!!

Silly Punkins--made from a pattern from Paxton Valley Folk Art--

A Trio of Pumpkins--all about the size of an apple--and speaking of apples, I may use the small and medium size ones to make apples!!

KandyKorn Galore would be just the perfect goodie for your decorating this Halloween! 7 different sized candycorn for your to display in all sorts of different ways!

Here are two different kitty cat offerings--Herding Halloween Cats and Cats, Witch Hats and Corn-- are my 2 fall pillows and candle mat all dyed and stuffed and ready to go!!

And last, but certainly not least are my Christmas and Patriotic Stars!! I am sooo pleased with how they turned out!!

There we go! All my finished items that are done and ready to go! Keep an eye out for them to start appearing over the next few hours on Etsy and Art Fire--really pleased with how they all finished up! Next on the docket--Thanksgiving and Christmas items!!

Till next time! Happy crafting!!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

WIP Weekend 10/1-10/2

Happy Weekend dear readers!

I can't believe that September is gone and soon it will be Halloween! Pumpkins, bats, cats and witches hats will be the rule of the day! I have had a couple very productive days and I am excited to share with you what I have put together and that will be up on Etsy  and Art Fire this weekend for you to enjoy! I have made several tiny cats, that I think would be perfect scattered around in a bowl, guarding your candy dish or maybe even in a display with tiny candy corns--which I also have! Another offering I have been working on is a collection fo different size/style candy corns, from not much over 2 inches, to over 7! And even a fat one--I thought those would be fun to decorate with and to scatter around for different effects. I have finished up some pillows and even a Halloween candle mat--my first--and I really am happy with how it turned out, so look for others to appear as time goes on. I also have some punkins to add as well! 1 set is just of small stuffed pumpkins and the other is one with a silly stitched on face, made from one of Deb's patterns over at  Paxton Valley Folk Art   I love her patterns! I have made Whootie Who from Deb's Who's Who pattern, Frost on the Punkin, and I am working on a snowman and there are a couple more that I want to pick up!

Some items in the wings that I am going to start this weekend, and since this IS a WIP post I can tell you about them, right?? I have some Turkeys for Thanksgiving, Santas of various sizes/styles, Mamma Dolls--I was soooo thrilled with how my Scare-die Cats came out I want to try the Mamma dolls to go with my Raggedy dolls, several ornaments, snowmen, angels OH MY!! Look for them to come in the next few weeks!! OH YES and to toot my own horn, I had my KandyKorn and Old Bats as well as my Primitive Leaves purchased in less than 24 hours from my Etsy store. THAT made me very happy! That was a happy dance for sure!!

And before I break out the pictures to show you what I have worked on this week, a little bit of on the homefront news! My little man has started cutting his first teeth! They came thru last night...he had been chewing on everything he could get his hands on, and he grabbed one of my fingers and shoved the knuckle into my mouth and I felt the tops of his little teeth poking through! Sooo neat! My little man isn't such a little man anymore! And so far, apples are his favorite food--we are making his food and I am really looking forward to meals and combining flavors--he has had sweet potatoes and did really well with them, so I am thinking about mixing some apples and sweet potatoes for dinner tonight.

Ok... On to pictures!

The little pumpkin pillow here on the bottom is pre-tea dying, and the fall pillow is after dying. The pumpkin is about that dark. The punkin just needs its stem and leaves and then it is good to go, and the candle mat just needs a place to sit--perhaps you know of a spot??

Well that is all for this post--with more to come! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am up to! Be safe and happy crafting!!