Sunday, October 2, 2011

Etsy and Artfire preview!

KK I know these goodies will be up soon, but I am just so excited about how everything came out that I have to do a preview blog!!

Silly Punkins--made from a pattern from Paxton Valley Folk Art--

A Trio of Pumpkins--all about the size of an apple--and speaking of apples, I may use the small and medium size ones to make apples!!

KandyKorn Galore would be just the perfect goodie for your decorating this Halloween! 7 different sized candycorn for your to display in all sorts of different ways!

Here are two different kitty cat offerings--Herding Halloween Cats and Cats, Witch Hats and Corn-- are my 2 fall pillows and candle mat all dyed and stuffed and ready to go!!

And last, but certainly not least are my Christmas and Patriotic Stars!! I am sooo pleased with how they turned out!!

There we go! All my finished items that are done and ready to go! Keep an eye out for them to start appearing over the next few hours on Etsy and Art Fire--really pleased with how they all finished up! Next on the docket--Thanksgiving and Christmas items!!

Till next time! Happy crafting!!