Friday, October 25, 2013


Hello Dear Readers!

I can NOT believe that October is just about over! I have been so busy sewing, stuffing and painting goodies for sales both on Etsy and for my wholesale clients I don't know what day it is! Add in a VERY busy 2 year old and well, the days just FLY! I have orders for in excess of 350 of my Christmas Crows as well as a 100 of a Cardinal variation and I have requests for more of the Ruddette Reindeer ornies. I am working on basic dolls in-between orders, as well as other holiday items.  Add in some Etsy orders and busy, busy, busy!! is the name of the game!

Here is my Christmas Crow!  I can NOT believe how popular this little guy is this year! He started out his life last year when I designed him to be part of a set of Halloween plant pokes, and while cute, I thought about how he could be cuter! So I started playing around with hats and different things and the Christmas Crow was born! He sports a stocking hat made of various stripes/plaids/holiday prints and is finished off with a rusty bell. He has quilted wings on both sides and his eyes are glass beads. Very sweet! He is made of stained Osnaburg and then painted, sanded and stained again!

A few weeks ago, the crows all got together and said they needed a new friend so I came up with my Christmas Cardinal and I am very happy with how he turned out! He was created using the same pattern as I used for my crow, and is also made from stained/painted/sanded Osnaburg. I really like this fabric--very much reminds me of a coarsely woven linen. He has 2 wings as well, and has the distinctive black markings that are such a familiar sight with wild cardinals. I have the cardinals sporting a green stocking cap instead of the red like the crows. I thought it was a good contrast. The hats are made of various green prints/stripes and plaids.

Right now, the crows are available in a set of 3 on Etsy, but I will be adding the cardinals, and will also be selling them as a set of 2 and as singles!

Well, dear reader, I can hear my sewing machine calling my name! Must get back to work--but I will be back soon! If you have any questions about the birds, please don't hesitate to comment below!

Till next time~~
Happy Crafting!