Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WIP Wendsday

Hello Dear Readers!

I hope one of you can answer this for me-- WHERE did February go??? Just feels like yesterday was the last day of January and POOF! Here we are in MARCH!!! I just don't know where it went!

I have been doing a lot of work on Squishie Love and I have just been filling orders for  Buttons. I have had some orders for my candle mats and I have new things on the cutting table that will get finished up soon!

On the Squishie Love side of things, I have been busily sewing and crocheting lots of fun toys. I had planned on opening Squishie Love last weekend, but Mr. Buttons ended up being really sick and he finally went and was seen on Tuesday after he tried to work and was diagnosed with Bronchitis of all things! So lots of soup and hot coffee and meds. Poor hubby! Hoping he feels better soon because he hates being sick.

But back to Squishie Love! Here is a quick peek at one cutie that is heading over soon-- Say hello to LemonDrop the Sock Monkey!

I just LOVE how he came out! And he will soon be joined by a little pink sock monkey named Rosie and a couple turtles and a teddy bear or two and more! I have also discovered a brand of totally AWESOME crochet hooks! I love love LOVE them! I have been using the standard Susan Bates/ Boye aluminum hooks, but I have been crocheting so much lately that my hands were cramping and I would have to set my work aside. Where there is one doll that I am working on that I needed an 'E' hook for--which is a hook you can't just run down to Michael's or Walmart to pick up and required a trip to my local yarn store. There I discovered the Addi Swing crochet hook-which is an ergonomic style of crochet hook. They are a bit spendy, but my first day with my new hooks, I was able to crochet all day with nary a twitch or issue. I am in LOVE with them! I am able to crochet without having to grip my hook tightly--which is GREAT when dealing with the smaller gauge hooks.


Starting Friday, I am going to be sharing recipes with all of you, Dear Readers, in what I will be calling my Friday Recipe Box. I am going to be sharing old family favorites, new recipes that I have found, and ones that I have created myself. I will be sharing actual meals that I have prepared--complete with pictures! I can hardly wait! I really enjoyed sharing my cookie recipes with you a couple Christmases back that I thought I would make it a regular, weekly feature!

Well it is late and I should wrap up for now!

Take care my friends and keep crafting!