Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kindred Souls for Sandy

Hello dear reader!

Little Man is napping and I am sitting here, listening to the wind blow--contemplating a pot of coffee rather than a cold soda!--we are expecting snow either tonight or tomorrow. Brrr!! Dinner tonight is Hearty Chicken Stew from Food Network . Soo good! It is a basic recipe, but it is easy to spice up and we like it here!

If you haven't already, you should check out Vivian Fuller's group on Facebook--Kindred Souls for Sandy--it is a group of crafters and buyers who are gathering together to raise money for the victims of hurricane Sandy. The artisans are offering hand crafted treasures and all items start at $.99 and the auctions last a week. I have this little guy--

up for auction at at last check, the bid was up to $15.00! The auction on this sweet snowbaby runs through tomorrow morning at 11:07 PST. Be sure to check out this wonderful group and bid on one--or more!--of the wonderful items offered! And remember, it is for a very worthy cause. All proceeds are being donated to either The American Red Cross or Salvation Army.

I hope you will stop by!

Be safe dear reader and happy crafting! I will be back soon with updates!