Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring is starting to peek around the corner

Even though they are predicting snow for this week here in Northern Nevada, I can feel the tinglings of spring in the air. Spring is also starting in my Etsy shop! I have added a few little sewn converstation hearts and little hearts that are 'buttoned up"! The hearts are sewn from fabric I have bought new and fabrics that are from my stash, and could be considered vintage at this point! They are sewn from Nanny Goat Primitives patterns and I think they came out perfectly! They are sooo cute, and would make the perfect little something for your Valentine or loved one. They would be so darling tucked into a bowl or peeking out of a basket. And while Valentine's day IS Sunday, they would still make a wonderful sentiment for a special someone any day of the year!

I will be adding more things to my Etsy Store here over the next few days and weeks as Spring starts to 'sprung'. Check back often! Till next time!