Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP it up Wednesday 1/28/15

Hello dear readers!

I can't believe that January is almost over! Can you?? I do not know where the time has gone! Well, as I promised last week, I would introduce you to the 'girls'!

First off, here is  Ingrid :-) she is a Bergman loom and she was created by a woman who immigrated from Sweden back at the beginning of the 1900's. She was quite surprised that there were not weaving rooms in American homes, so she and her husband set about developing a loom that would fit in the standard American home. She is a countermarch loom and her weaving width is just about 40 inches wide. The first  two and the last pictures are of my Ingrid where she was before she came home and the middle 3 are of a Bergman that was available on Craigslist to give more of an idea of how she looks. She is really rather intriguing because her front and back can fold in like shown in the 3rd picture while warped! So say your loom was in the dining room and you were having company--you could move the warp beam and the cloth beam and the breast beams up and out of the way and fold her closed and she would be all of about 24 inches deep!

My other girl is a somewhat LeClerc type Fanny or Fannie as the case may be. Not really sure what her story is.We bought her locally from a fellow who had purchased her and decided that she was too big for his place. So we were able to pick her up for $100. We actually only paid $200 for Ingrid! And they are both, full size floor looms. Anyway, back to Fannie--there are lots of parts on her who say she could be a Fanny, but there are parts of her that clearly are not.  It is possible that she could be a very early 1930's Fanny, since she does look like some of the really old pictures we have seen, or she could have been damaged in some way and rebuilt. If that is the case, maybe she is from Betsy's Buggy Barn! lol The gentleman we purchased her from had no information on her. But anyway--here are some pictures of her in our living room after she came home! She is a counterbalance loom, so right now, basically, 2 shafts rise while the other 2 sink. We are looking at getting a shed regulator that will allow her to be used as a 'regular' loom, but she is a workhorse and can do everything from lace to rugs--just like Ingrid! Fanny's weaving width is 45 inches wide so I can do blankets and all sorts of fun things on her!

Mr. Buttons and I are in the process of getting both girls in shape to weave! I am counting the heddles on both and they are both getting some TLC in the wood care department! Really looking forward to getting them both warped up and get going! OH and they are both happily ensconced in the crafting room!

I have also been busy with items for my kid's shop--

The goal is to have it up and running by the end of February!! Can hardly wait!!! I have also been working on punch needle items and just need to get pictures taken and get them listed in Buttons In The Attic. I thought I was going to have things up for Valentine's day, and I still hope too but I am looking forward to Easter, as I already have been working on BUNNIES and EGGS and other fun spring time goodies!

Ok dear readers, I think it is time to wrap up for today! It is getting late and I didn't want today to get by without a note to you all!

Until next time!
Happy crafting!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP it up Wednesday!

Hello dear friends!

I just looked at the calendar and realized that January was already 2/3's over! So how about a slightly late *cough* Happy New Year! I also can not believe that I had 1 count it 1 post for all of 2014! I will say that 2014 was a rough year, but one that we--Mr. Buttons and I--learned a lot during the year and learned what we will do and what we won't do as time moves on.

So--on to 2015! Lots of fun new things in the works for this year! Punch needle, rug hooking, quilted items, more dolls, more everyday fun goodies and WEAVING!!! We did buy 2 floor looms in 2014--I will be sharing pictures and stories about the 'girls'! I am also FINALLY going to get on my children's shoppe--Squishie Love. I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!! I have lots of things in the works there! Crocheted and sewn dolls and animals, blankets and booties--I am sure I will  have woven blankets as well. Really looking forward to stretching my horizons this year--I think it will be a good year :-)

Until next time!

Happy Crafting!