Thursday, October 6, 2011

Checkin In!

Ahhh! Feels so good to have all my Halloween items up in my stores! Now, on to Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yesterday, I was prepping so I can start cutting out new items today and possibly start sewing??  I have turkeys and snow men and santas and more angels and maybe a penguin or 2 in the works and I am sooo excited to see how they turn out! I just love this season! We had our first snow in the mountains over the past couple days and it makes me want to break out White Christmas and start making hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols while I work. If I could have my way, and if my kids and hubby didn't think I had gone completely crazy, I would break out the tree and start decorating it now! It is never tooooo early for Christmas--am I right, or am I right??

I want to say welcome!! To my new blog members and I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a giveaway in the works! Check back and I will keep everyone posted! I hope everyone checks out Paula's giveaway that I posted earlier--that table topper is BEAUTIFUL!! And would be a beautiful addition to your home!

Talking about santas--I have a variety of sizes in the works--from ornaments for your tree, to one that is about 30 inches tall! And it is beautiful! I am so excited to get started--he is going to be just beautiful! And I have some stumpy Santas, tomte or nissas depending on if you are Swede or Norse! I will post pictures as time goes on! The snowmen are from ornie size to tuck in and around your home to ones giving ice skating lessons!

Well, I guess I should go get at it! Pour another cup of coffee and go answer my pattterns' siren call! Take care my friends and happy crafting!!