Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

YES!! I finally have a WIP post on the correct day! Wednesdays, for some reason, seem to be my craziest day during the week! Hubby and I run errands mid week and we take Tae Kwon Do 3 times a week, one of which is today, and I seem to be on a constant run on Wednesdays--so I feel pretty darn happy that I am making a post today! Plus, Bean boy seems to be sleeping in today! Soooo I will type quickly!

Just a couple updates to what I showed you over the weekend and a few extra pics. Plan is tonight, after class, I will take my pictures and get things up on Etsy (finally!!!) tomorrow! I just want to have EVERYTHING done, but I am going to put up what I have done now and then add over the next couple days!

Ok... first off! Remember the Scare-die Cats I shared over the weekend? Well, I was doing a final grunge on one Cat and it decided to dive into my tea and spice mix and just get COVERED! I let it dry and I LOVED the look!! So, I am asking you, dear reader, to tell me which version you like best! The somewhat grungy one or the EXTREME grunge!

Here are 2 before the extreme grunge--
And here they are after the extreme grunge--

What do you think?? Which one do you like better?? Think is more prim-tastic! LOL I, personally, really like the extreme grunged one! I am soo happy with how they turned out, I am contemplating doing some Mama dolls! So look for them coming soon!

I have also been working on other kitties and kandy korns and even some bats!  

I love this kitty! I love the HUGE nose and the little button eyes--it was supposed to have snaps, but I personally prefer the buttons instead. The little Kandy Korns need to be sanded and grunged and then they will be perfect for a prim holiday! Here are some fabric leaves that I finished up last night--I really like them too--I think they would be perfect tucked under some prim pumpkins or a bowl of fall fixins.

I am tickled with how well they came out! I think they look very realistic, and I am thinking about pinning them together with a rusty safety pin in groups of 4.

Keep an eye here for more goodies to come! Till next time--be safe and happy crafting!!