Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas is in the air....

Well, it sure feels like it anyway! Had a sprinkling of snow over night and now I have a pot of stew on the stove bubbling away for dinner tonight with biscuits. YUM! I love this time of year for the soups and stews that make you feel all warm inside--

Been sewing up a storm this week and taking advantage of the sales at the fabric stores in town! Santa ornies, Whoo-ete ornies, Christmas Owls and snowmen galore! I really like how everything is turning out! The Christmas Owl is a variation on Whootie Who, who basically told me that he wants to help celebrate Christmas, so he is now sporting a primly stitched Santie hat with a rusty bell at the end! Just perfect to help celebrate the Holidays with you! I think he would be perfect tucked into a cabinet or displayed with your decorations or even on the tree! The Whoot-etes are inspired by Who's Who (he is a creation of Deb's at Paxton Valley Folk Art), and they are a bit pale at the moment! LOL but they will be soon painted and tea dyed and ready to hang on your tree! Now the Santa ornies--they will be a set of 3 with different colored hats--red, green and blue--with real wool beards, needlefelted on. The wool I am using is from Celeste Flanagan from Old Rustic Prims--and I love the fact that she tells you the breed and often the name of the ewe it came from! I think that adds such a neat touch to the wools as I use them! I have 2 Santas with their beards, and they are just waiting for their hats. I actually have two different styles in the works, as well as a Tomte version, and he will have a button tree! I have a slew of vintage buttons to use on his trees and I am itching to get started!

By the way--if you want to see a darling Elf Owl, head over to Paxton Valley Folk Art to check out Elwin! He is soo cute!

Well--on to the pictures!!

Here is Santa Whoot in his planning stages--figuring out his hat and size of the brim.  And here he is all finished up! I am really pleased with how he came out! He has one rusty bell eye and a rusty bell on the point of his hat. His hat is stitched in place so it stays nice and neat.

And here are the one set of Santa ornies--- Without his beard and then with 2 of the 3 different types of wool that I am using for the beards.....

Next time you see Santa, he will be sporting his hats! Well, time to get back to the sewing and finishing! I will  have more pictures to share soon! Take care my friends and talk to you soon!

Be safe and happy crafting!!