Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Listing and how my hubby and I met :o)

Good Evening (or is it very early morning??) Dear Readers!

I just wanted to share with you my new listing on The Olde Primitive Peddler! They will be live after midnight (PST) tonight!  I have listed 3 new dollies, just in time for Valentine's Day! Sweet little Pepper Anne, who I think strikes a resemblance to a certain little girl who had a crush on Charlie Brown, Emma, who is quite proper and cute, and Raggedy, who reminds me of a little doll tucked away in a chest to remember the lost days of childhood... be sure to pop on over and see my dolls and all the other lovelies by all the other artisans!

ALSO, I am a new member of the Handmade Art Faire as well! Click on the button there on the right and take a peak at all the wonderful items and artisans there as well! I have one of my candle mats mentioned there! SO much fun, and I am truly honored to be among such wonderful artists!

OK! I realized that after posting my giveaway, and asking you to share how you met the love of your life, I realized I neglected to share how my hubby and I met!

We were in the same History class and I guess he had been watching me, and well I had been taking peeks at him, and one morning, as I was walking towards the class, I saw him waiting outside the door, nose buried in a book, hair in his eyes, I even remember what he was wearing! I just stopped and this feeling came over me that I KNEW I was going to marry him one day. Well, that very day, we were going to watch the old Clash of the Titans in class, on VHS (does anyone remember what those were?? LOL) and he sat down next to me since my desk was closest to the tv, and the class was crowding around. As we sat there, waiting for class and the movie to start, he pulled out a manilla folder and took out a piece of paper, making a big deal about it, and I saw that it was a Dungeons and Dragons character sheet. I took a look at it and he saw me, and he took a deep breath and started to rattle off what everything meant on the page, and I said, ya, I know, I play. You could have knocked him over with a feather! He said you have to come play with me and my friends at lunch! He was shocked and pleasantly surprised, because back then, there were very few girl gamers. Well, the rest is history... we went together for nearly 2 years in High School, and then life happened, and we went our separate ways. While we ran into each other again over the years, we never really seemed to be in the same place at the same time. I realized that I hadn't gotten over him, but he wasn't really ready, so off I went. I got married, he went in the Marines. My marriage fell apart, I moved out of state and after a while I got to thinking about him. I tracked down his mom and she gave me his contact info, and after getting the courage together, I called him. We got together and visited and over the next 8 years, we reformed our friendship, fell in love again all over and then he asked me what I was doing for my summer vacation 8 years ago. I said enjoying it, and he wanted to know if I wanted to move to where he was, and I said are we getting married, and he replied, I guess so! Well, come this June, we will have been married for 8 years, and I love him so much! We have 3 kids, mine, his and ours and we are so happy, happier then we ever thought we would be, and it is just perfect, and I guess my feeling that we were going to get married came true!

Take care, be safe, and happy crafting!!