Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend WIPs

Hello Dear Readers!

 I have been wanting to sit down a spell and write, but we have had a rather nasty cold run thru the house, and our Little Man was very sick and actually ended up in the Emergency room at 4 am on a Sunday morning with an ear infection!! Poor baby!! He started fussing about 7pm and when he fell asleep, he only slept for an hour, would wake up and cry for 20 minutes, fall asleep and repeat. When he woke up at 3:30ish, we tried a bottle and he just cried and cried. Since this wasn't his normal self, we decided to bundle us all up and off we went. Luckily, Walgreen's are open on Sundays, and we were able to get his prescription filled and he started to get on the mend! He is doing better now, and with my sewing area reorganized, he is just being his little man self! He loves the cubbies in my sewing cabinet, so we are putting toys in the lower ones and his FAVORITE thing of ALL is to go thru my fabric box and pull out many pieces of fabric and help me sort!

In between taking care of sick kiddos and sick husband, I have been working on some spring time and Valentine goodies.  A couple dolls, that I am pretty happy with :-) and some stitcheries that I am pretty tickled about! I have also been working on cutter quilt hearts, since my stars were such a big hit. This time though, I have done a blanket stitch around the edges of the hearts and crocheted simple lace to spiffy them up for spring and Valentine's Day.

This time around, I am working on wall hangings and candle mats instead of pillows, since my pillows are languishing. The wall hangings are done from designs by Chestnut Junction, and the candle mats are from Primitive Stitches. And here is one of my cutter quilt hearts! Isn't it cute?? Not tea dyed yet, but I think it will be adorable when it is! The large hearts I am going to be stitching it to will be made out of onasburg, rather than the striped ticking that the stars are made from... what do you think??

And here are my two dolls along with one of my large bunnies!

So I have been busy while taking care of sickies, and escaping mostly unscathed myself!  One happy bit of news is that I have been accepted by Handmade Art Fair, another juried site, so I am really really excited about that! Be sure to go by and take a look at all the marvelous artists I am blessed to be with, AND just found out today that Olde Primitive Peddler is going to be adding a Christmas and Halloween site, so stay tuned for my involvement in that!! I am thinking about joining the Christmas site, since I love love love Christmas, and I have so many fun Christmas goodies to share, it is a shame to keep them just for one little bit of the year. 

I think that wraps it all up for now! Stay tuned for more fun, wonderful things to come this year!

Be safe and Happy Crafting!!