Saturday, April 28, 2012

Birthday Party, WIPs and More!

Whew! Time sure does fly doesn't it?? I can't believe that it has been almost 2 weeks since Little Man's big day and I am just now catching a few minutes to sit down and write about his birthday!

Well--it was a great day and fun was had by all! It really was a fun little party--it got started right on time and ran over a bit with everyone visiting. We ended up having 13 people, so it was a nice turn out, and the deli tray that we were afraid we were going to be snacking on for days after got munched right up! It was your basic deli tray--3 kinds of cheese--cheddar, pepper jack and swiss--and 3 meats--turkey, ham and roast beef. There was olives and we added a veggie dip and I picked up 2 dozen rolls--12 plain and 12 sesame so people could make sandwiches. The cupcakes were ADORABLE--here see for yourself!

Aren't they cute??? I was super pleased with those little guys from Tami's Sugar Art. Quite tasty too! Just rolled fondant and the extra long legs were prefect to keep them standing upright in the frosting. And here is Little Man enjoying one of his cupcakes! He even got frosting on his nose!

Frosting makes wonderful finger paint too!

I have been busy with some new projects and I just need to get pictures taken so I can get them up on Etsy--using the cell is NOT the best for selling, and with Little Man wanting to walk everywhere and help, kinda need Papa to help with pictures! So hopefully, this weekend, that can get done in between all the other things that need to get done in the next 48 hours! Did I say that coffee was my best friend right now? Little Man has also decided that 3 am is a WONDERFUL time to wake up, no matter the time we went to sleep the night before! Amazingly though, I feel that I have gotten quite a bit done and accomplished actually the past 2 weeks, and I have more things up my sleeves for Summer!

Here is one item I am working on-- more cutter quilt goodies--but with out a doubt, I am really hooked on cutter quilt items! I really like how different every piece is and each is an individual.

Stay tuned to see what these little guys turn into! I am also working on coiled coasters--and I can see lots of different applications for these guys! Coasters, small candle mats, like for a votive cup, perhaps to set a frame on, a plant... the possibilities are endless!

One bit of VERY exciting news is that I was accepted into the Old Farmhouse Gathering team on Etsy this week and I am just over the MOON with excitement! Very big thing for me to be accepted--it is a juried team so I had to be accepted in on the merit of my work and I am just so proud that I am now a part of OFG! Be sure to check them out on Etsy--just put OFG into the search and revel in all the beautiful items from the talented artists that are in this group! Sooo thrilled! **happy dance**! Stay tuned as well, because in mid May they are hosting a Summer Celebration and that will be something to see!


Yippee! I just got word that I won one of the 2 bunnies offered by Barb at Barb's Heartstrokes Blog that she offered in a quick little giveaway-- I think they are darling, and I know they are going to have fun with all the bunnies I have here! Looks like this is going to be an exciting weekend after all!

Well I should wrap it up for now-- I wish everyone a very happy weekend, take care, be safe and as always--happy crafting!!

Karen :o)