Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crack that WIP and new listings

Good morning dear readers!

WHERE did March go?  It felt like such a long month while it was here, but now, wow! here we are in April already, and Easter is just around the corner! My sewing had to go on the back burner for quite a while in February and March due to having a nice visit from a high school friend and his lady and little girl and to Little Man cutting 4 (count em 4) teeth! Poor Bean! But, they are just about through now, all pearly white--he has also turned 1 and I am spending a lot of time chasing the little bean down and that has seriously cut into my crafting time.

In March, I participated in an Easter swap and I really wanted to make my swap partner's Easter basket. I remembered way back, many, many moons ago, making sewn baskets--fabric wrapped cording that was stitched together with the fabric--and while I was looking for instructions for  making those baskets (which I did eventually find) I stumbled across videos on YouTube for making the baskets sewn on the machine. I had seen them a year or so back, but I was rather worried about sewing them on the machine--fast moving needle, fingers... could be interesting! LOL Well, I decided to take the plunge after watching these videos. So I got some cotton clothesline, tore some strips of quilting cotton and went to town! And BOY did I go to town! I made several baskets and I am hooked!!! Here are pictures of some of the baskets I made--

The picture just above is the base of one basket being sewn together on my machine--that particular basket was claimed by my dear hubby to hold all of his work stuff--pens, work badge, phone and headset, keys--you get the picture--but at least all his stuff is together in one place! The middle basket is the one I sent to my swap partner, and the one on top I am debating if I am going to sell it or keep it for myself!! They are VERY addicting and I can see many more being made as time goes by! I am seriously thinking about making them to go with the various tucks I am planning. I think that would be a great go together--2-3 tucks, a matching/coordinating basket and filler--any thoughts on that, dear readers? Great for gifts!

I have some new items up on OPP ( Olde Primitive Peddler) --The first grouping is on the main site, and consists of 2 dolls and one of my baskets--

The basket is a rather good sized basket--10 inches long, 8 inches across and 3 inches deep. The doll in the middle is Greta Jean--I just LOVE her! I am sooo pleased with how she came out--she is the first doll I made with the new type of stuffing I found and I am really pleased with how it worked and with how she looks! Her hair is scarlet dyed raw wool that I tied in place-- I was so pleased with how Emma's hair came out, I really wanted to try it with Greta! Her features are painted and well sanded and she was tea-stained and baked dry-Prince's coloring was a pleasant surprise--I love how he looks, and I am going to have to write down what I did with him for future projects so I don't forget! Last but not least is Mary-Anne. I really like this pattern, and I really like how this particular doll comes out. I typically make her with floss hair, all wild and crazy, but this time, I decided to make her with red alpaca hair. Raw Alpaca is totally different then the way that wool feels--silky soft, smooth and just different. You will have to feel it to see!  All three of these can be found here.

I also have Sadie, my Scare-die cat, that I think is absolutely adorable-- Isn't she CUTE??? I think she would be absolutely darling for Halloween and  I also have a Fall candle mat as well. These two items can be found here.

I am also working on more cutter quilt items and bunnies and bears that have cotton bodies and plush faces and I am thinking they are going to be absolutely adorable and I can hardly wait to share them with you! I am also working on Americana and other goodies for summer and into fall--can you believe it is already time to start thinking about fall?? At least for me!

Well, I am glad to be back in Blog-land and being able to visit with all of you! I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Wednesday and until next time--

Take care and happy crafting!