Thursday, December 1, 2011

NOW Live at Olde Primitive Peddlers!

YES!! I am finally 'Live' at Olde Primitive Peddlers! I am sooo thrilled to be their newest artisan! I ended up having 3 of the 4 items ready to go that I mentioned the other day--the ticking stars, the extreme prim angel and my BEAUTIFUL Prim St. Nick! Let me share with you what I have showcased at OPP--

Fun and quirky and kinda odd are my Vintage Button Stars. They are similar to my cutter quilt stars, but I wanted to do something different with them after I had stitched them up! I rummaged thru my yummy collection of vintage buttons and picked out my favorites, that were then stitched to the stars. Then I added a rusty safety pin to one, with a small rusty bell, 3 rusty bells to another, and a larger, single bell to the third! Also is the grouping are 2 muslin stars that I painted a few different shades of yellow, looking for the right 'mustard' shade and then they were sanded, stained, and rubbed with cinnamon.  I think they would be fun scattered about, in bowls of fixings, on a shelf, with other pillows, even tucked into the branches of your Christmas tree!!

Also at OPP is one of my extreme primitive angels. She is long of limb and short of body and rather slender. My husband likes to call them Twiggers because they are so stretched out and thin. She is best displayed hanging, rather than sitting, as it shows her legs off and she does have a rather difficult time sitting. Lovely on your wall or hanging on your tree, is where she is happiest. She also sports a wire wrapped grapevine wreath, with 3 rusty bells to help you ring in the season! She has french knots scattered across her crown and has wings made from cotton batting. She is featureless, much like the dolls of old. Her clothing is also stitched in various shades of brown floss--which, to me, brings to mind the Mammas on the plains, making do with what they had on hand to make their family's Christmas festive and bright.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is my Primitive Black St. Nick. He is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS if  I do say so myself. I am completely tickled with how lovely he turned out. He is 30" tall, made of muslin, stuffed with poly fil and rags, painted black, sanded, stained with my tea stain and rubbed with cinnamon. St. Nick's features are pinch stitched--eyebrows, nose and mouth, with hand stitched eyes, and a raw lambs wool beard that was needlefelted on. He is dressed in a coat made of plaid homespun, and trimmed in onasburg. His hood is made of green checked homespun, also trimmed in onasburg and his trousers are of black and gold flannel. His coat is finished off with 6 rusty safety pins with 6 rusty bells, and slung over his shoulder is a sack--with prim crows and candy canes! He would be perfect either hung on the wall or sitting in a special place--perhaps an antique child's rocker??  By the by, St Nick is made from a pattern by Threadbare Primitives--love her work!

Be sure to stop by  The Olde Primitive Peddlers and check out my wonderful goodies. Now these are only available at OPP--you can't get them  anywhere else!

Off and crafting again my friends! Stay tuned for more wonderful goodies as Christmas comes closer! Be safe and as always, Happy Crafting!!!