Thursday, June 23, 2011

New items in the works!

Well, it is getting late, but here I sit, working on new goodies for my shop. Husband is sleeping, bean boy is snoozing--well at least for a few hours until it is time for the midnight feeding and dd is chatting with friends on Facebook.....

Back to me! My new project of the moment is knitted carrots, prim style! Knit from wools and wool blends, they grow organically from my needles, each unique and special unto itself. They are between 6 and 7 inches, with the tops adding another 4 inches or so. They will be just perfect sitting on a bowl on your table, or in a harvest display! Look for the listing and pictures soon! They will be joining other harvest/summer goodies that are on the work table!

Talking about pictures, can I hear a chorus of ughs? That is how I feel about my pictures of my creations for my Etsy store. *sigh* So, while I am taking pictures of darling wool carrots, I will be taking all new pictures of all my items. I followed some tips that were given to me about how to take better pictures, and well, the advice fell flat, so I am going to try some new ideas with how to set them up and see how that goes! I seem to have had better luck with normal daylight light, instead of the fancy lighting I had tried that gave my items an 'off' cast. You can see what I mean by taking a peak at the pictures posted here--some nice and bright and clear and others with an ugly yellow cast, that I am not pleased with. So new ones will be done--nice and fresh!

Well, my friends, time to get back to the clicking needles--I will check back in soon! Until then, be well and Prim Blessings!!