Monday, June 22, 2015

WIP it up....Monday!

Ok Dear Readers--

I just want to apologize for being away for so long! Mr. Buttons has Sunday and Monday off so my weekends are off too, and in the past month, I have meant to sit down and write all of you with updates and before I know it, it is Monday, and does Monday really count for a weekend? lol! But I am gonna try and get my blogging up and running again!!

I have been busy with making new things and coming up with new ideas for my Etsy shop. I have really given some thought to what my direction will be. I have been weaving, so I really want to have my woven items in my household category, and I have some new ideas to 'freshen up' my stitcheries -- my pillows in particular. I really enjoy making my stitcheries, but I think they could stand a bit of an update -- new pictures for sure and a new finishing treatment. Stay tuned!

I am also going back and incorporating some of my older crafts -- rug hooking, doing more punch needle, more dolls, making more candle mats -- I have had requests for dolls and Mr. Buttons would appreciate me not chasing the holidays QUITE so much -- he wants me to focus more on the everyday items and have the holidays round things out, not have such a huge presence in my shop to the point that I ignore the mundane. While I see his point -- and while Christmas is my favorite holiday -- chasing the holidays does make me crazy! So I will follow his suggestion and bring some new ideas and items to my shop.

In that regard -- here are some rug hooked sunflowers I have been working on!

They are hooked using #6 wool cuts (6/32 of an inch wide) and were hooked onto preshrunk Monk's Cloth. The petals are done 'proddy style' and are between 1/2 and 3/4 of an inch wide. They are going to be finished by being turned into little pillows and then made into Make Dos by sewing them onto rusty bed springs. The flowers themselves are about 8 inches wide and should be right around 10 --11 inches high when sewn onto the bed springs.

These are a few of the items that are going to be coming soon to my shop! I have really enjoyed sharing my new Hooked Sunflowers with you!

Take care, and I will be back soon with  more updates!

Until then, happy crafting!